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Chengdu high-tech zone branch park south along the way7Number

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The phone000000-00-0-0-0-02aa00085189049


The mailbox:mtled真人快打2163933333

Contacts:Manager li Or the LCD splicing screen-&LEDSpecial custom screen division manager

About us
Chengdu zhongke Ming tai electronic engineering co., LTD. Is founded by Chinese academy of sciences, technical experts specializing inLEDAndLCD(The liquid crystal)Display product development, production and engineering services company。Currently he is member of China association of photoelectric display branch units。Sichuan province the irs tax creditAUnit level、The industrial and commercial bureau of chengdu cognizance“Keep the contract,Heavy credit”AGrade enterprise,China enterprise credit assessment centerAAAGrade credit enterprise。The company has a scientific and strict quality control system,Complete with advanced quality testing equipment,Stable and reliable quality。And by sichuan province product quality supervision, inspection and testing institute strict testing...
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Chengdu zhongke Ming tai electronic engineering co., LTD         ICPFor the record: